Workplace Mediation



Conflict at work is one of the major causes of stress, low morale, absenteeism, and staff turnover. For both employers and employees stress at work can affect health, home life and family relationships


Mediation and adjudication to resolve employer/employee Grievances that might otherwise result in a claim to a tribunal
Mediation to explore relationships between employer/employee or employee/employee to improve communication, working practices, reduce stress and improve productivity
An independent and impartial view of a situation BEFORE positions become polarized and help to encourage safe working practices and clear communication
Support to develop good practice in disciplinary and grievance matters (using the ACAS Code of Practice)
An inexpensive and expedient way to resolve conflict in the workplace
Employment law is complex and constantly changing. Our mediators are trained and supervised by ACAS and have considerable and varied experience in employment matters
When you contact us a mediator is assigned to access the situation and report upon the suitability for mediation
Mediation is a voluntary, confidential process – all participants must enter the process freely
If no agreement is reached in mediation, and if the participants agree, the mediator, having heard all the information provided by the parties can deliver a recommendation.
Our charge rate is usually £60.00 per hour per mediator. Any change to the rate, requirement for more than one mediator, or expenses to be incurred, will be advised in writing at the appropriate time and before any additional cost or expense is incurred.For further information telephone 01827 314020