Property and Finance



When families separate they often need to negotiate: 
 Short-term issues – who pays what – who lives where – can we get any financial help – what happens to existing benefits (Tax Credits, Child Benefit, etc)
Staffs mediation
Long term issues – the family home – other assets – maintenance – pensions – debts – benefits – Child Support
You can:-
Negotiate your own arrangements with each other
Negotiate in mediation (usually face to face)
Negotiate via solicitors (usually correspondence)
If you cannot agree what will happen to your home, other assets or financial issues you can make an application to the Court.
It usually takes six to twelve months to reach a final hearing and an order from a Judge. The average cost of Court proceedings is £10,000.
An impartial mediator will help you to:


Identify issues you wish to consider
Deal with property, finance and children’s issues (ALL ISSUES MEDIATION)
Collect the necessary information and documentation to complete the disclosure process so that you have accurate information upon which to base your negotiations
Set out the “disclosure” information in a Statement of Financial Information, which you can use to get advice. Talk about the choices and options open to you
Negotiate with each other to reach decisions, which are practicable and acceptable to both of you
Write up any proposals/agreement reached in a Memorandum of Understanding
Keep Solicitors costs to a minimum by negotiating in mediation and contacting your solicitor only for advice and implementation of the terms of an agreement.
Legal Aid is available for mediation and Help with Family Mediation (subject to financial eligibility).
Many Solicitors now offer fixed fee packages for set areas of work such as advice during the mediation process and implementation of agreed terms so that you can manage your costs package.
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