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About 1 in 4 children has parents who are divorced
650 children see parents separate every day
2.5 million children grow up as part of a step family
1.5 million children visit a parent at the weekends or during the school holidays
What is normal? – Families come in all sorts of shapes and sizes!
“I live with mom in the week and nan at weekends” – Tanika 8
“Me and by brother live with dad and his girlfriend and her three children” -  Lenny 10
“My mom and dad split when I was a baby I spend the same amount of time in both of their houses” – Jade 11
“I visit my dad every other weekend” – Ellie 14
“My mom died so it’s just me and Dad now” – Sophia 10
“Mom and dad both work shifts so sometimes we are at moms and sometimes at dads” – Paul 12
….so there’s really no such thing as a normal family
“It’s not your fault” – Andy 11
“Make sure you don’t blame yourself for the break-up” – Philip 9

“Talk to someone and let them know how you are feeling. Don’t let it eat away at you on the inside” – Flora 14

“It can get better…there are less arguments once things settle down”
- Brita 13

“Your parents don’t love you any less” – Sian 14

“It’s nice now everyone’s happy again” – Leanne 10

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