Children suffer less harm, and cope better with change if parents’ avoid conflict and can agree a parenting plan· You can:

Negotiate your own arrangements with each other
Negotiate in mediation (usually face to face)
Negotiate via solicitors (usually correspondence)

If you make an application to the court you will be expected to show  that you have attempted/considered mediation before contacting the court.  You will be required to file a Form FM1 with  your application signed by a mediator.

It usually takes six to twelve months to reach a final hearing and an order from a Judge. Court costs are usually between £2,000 to £5,000. Please request a copy of “What the Family Court expects” from Parents.

Legal Aid is available for Family Mediation and Help with Family Mediation. If you are on a low income please ask for information.


Family Mediation
A impartial mediator will help you communicate with each other and keep you focused on the children and the issues· Mediation provides a private, confidential and friendly space to talk away from the children· If appropriate, and with both parents consent, children and other family members, such as grandparents and step family members can also be invited to mediation sessions·
The aim of mediation is to help you continue to work together as parents when you have ceased being partners.  WHAT CHILDREN SAY“After a while you realise they are happier separated”·

“I like it when dad comes for a cup of tea. It’s like we’re still a family even though we don’t live together anymore”·

“I know they both love me, but it feels like there’s a hole in my heart because they hate each other”·

“I wanted them to get back together and my brother and I were really upset when they said it was too late, but they have promised that they will stay friends”


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