Family Mediation


1.Family Mediation helps couples (whether married or unmarried), and other family members, such as grandparents, to discuss and resolve any issue or issues created as a result of change due to separation or divorce in a thoughtful and co-operative way.




Separation and divorce is usually a painful experience for all involved, particularly children. Research has shown that children suffer less harm, and cope better with changes caused by family separation, if parents are able to avoid conflict over arrangements for their children, sort out their finances, the family home and other financial matters reasonably quickly.
Mediation can also help when arrangements that have worked, suddenly fall part because circumstances or relationships change.



You decide what issues you would like to discuss – children – property – child support – debts – general finance – divorce. You and the other party negotiate in mediation and return to solicitors, if and when, you require advice and implementation of agreed terms.


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